Buyer’s Remorse


Buyer’s Remorse: I did my research; Stumbling through page after page of online reviews. Trying to balance between reviewers who sounded like they were on the payroll and those who would find something sour to say if they were allowed to review technology from the 28th Century. I compared models and manufacturers. I waded through unfamiliar jargon. I confidently settled on a smart phone that was the best build, brains and battery for my buck (actually for a lot of my bucks). Then I bought two.

That’s my face on the phone. Well … not really, but that’s how I felt when I realized my mistake. I felt taken. I felt grumpy. I felt a little … little. I had done my best to get exactly what we needed without breaking the bank. I just missed one thing; a nine instead of a zero at the end of the model number. It meant I got everything I wanted in the phone, except the one thing I absolutely needed.

It’s not entirely my fault. This particular model number only sells in Pakistan, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and … PANAMA! It doesn’t even show up in online searches unless you’re really digging. Still, I went from heady high of technological titillation, to the dejected doldrums of buyer’s remorse. It’s happened before, it will assuredly happen again. Except in one area of my life.

I will not be disappointed with God! I have been disappointed with God, but the fault was with my sin-distorted expectations, not with him. When I say, “I will not be disappointed,” I mean ultimately. By faith in Jesus I will one day stand in God’s presence and know him as he truly is. If any disappointment is possible on such a day, it will only be the frustration of having not arrived sooner.

For the Scripture says, “Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame.”  Romans 10:11