Church Location & Address: Click for Map We are located in the Coronado Mall in Coronado, Panama on the 2nd floor (top floor) on the side closest to the Rey Supermarket or above Banistmo bank.  The Coronado Mall is home to the McDonald’s restaurant and the Super 99 store.  Look for our sign above our location. Coronado is one (1) hour west of the city of Panama and (1) hour east of Penonome.

Directions from the Panama City

Take the Pan-American Highway out of Panama City, Panama.  Travel 80Km to Coronado. Turn left at the Rey Supermarket/McDonald’s/Super 99 intersection. Turn right into the Coronado Mall parking lot just after the McDonald’s.  There will be plenty of parking underground or on the main level.  There are two sets of elevators or you can take the stairs to the 2nd floor (top floor).


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