Getting the Right Lenses

There’s a pair of blue glasses on the market that are purported to make golf balls absolutely glow. Most reviews I’ve read claim they actually work. One negative review complained they didn’t help, “unless your ball is partially visible.” Uh … they didn’t claim to be X-ray glasses! The glasses are especially effective in one area: as soon as you put them on other golfers will presume something about the quality of your game.

There are amber glasses that are supposed to help you see at night and through fog. My late brother wore tinted glasses especially calibrated to help with visual acuity and reduce the affects of his dyslexia while reading. He greatly benefited from getting the right lenses. Filtering out specific spectrums of light make certain objects come into sharper focus or give relief.

In these strange days, it’s hard to see through the weeds. Many are consumed with ferreting out what forces are driving or influencing the affairs of our world. The bent seems to be that all government is intentionally evil or manipulated by sinister forces. I’m actually not going to argue against that point. Satan is always trying to assert his desires in the world and will use anyone who is willing and available. It is also not wrong to call out organizations and individuals who are promoting blatantly ungodly causes. I would strongly plead one caveat … that we strive to be people of uncompromising and careful truthfulness. Be sure that your personal filter doesn’t become the measure of truth. Don’t just post something because it sounds right to you … check it out. One guy, reviewing the blue golf glasses, complained, “If you wear them all the time, you’ll get a headache.”

There’s only one lens for life that’s never lets me down. In fact, most of my headaches come from forgetting to use it. Try running world events through this filter:

To God belong wisdom and power; counsel and understanding are His. What He tears down cannot be rebuilt; the man He imprisons cannot be released. If He holds back the waters, there is drought; if He lets them loose, they devastate the land. To Him belong strength and victory; both deceived and deceiver are His. He leads counselors away stripped and makes fools of judges. He takes off the shackles put on by kings and ties a loincloth around their waist. He leads priests away stripped and overthrows men long established. He silences the lips of trusted advisers and takes away the discernment of elders. He pours contempt on nobles and disarms the mighty. He reveals the deep things of darkness and brings deep shadows into the light. He makes nations great, and destroys them; He enlarges nations, and disperses them. He deprives the leaders of the earth of their reason; He sends them wandering through a trackless waste. Job 12:13–24