There are 3 ways you can contribute:
1. Cash brought to the church. Place in offering box on Sundays.
2. ACH transfer from your Panama bank account – COMING SOON
    We will update this information when it is available.
3. Online Donations section below (Engage). This will give you a USA tax deduction. Go to the section below and follow the instructions.  (
Click HERE to Donate Online Now. See Helps at bottom of page.
Online Donations – in USA
Through partnership with Christ Community Church in Zion, Illinois (a recognized 501c3), we are now able to offer tax deductible giving to our U.S. contributors. Funds contributed through Engage will go into a designated fund called ‘Panama Support’ at Christ Community Church. These funds will be forwarded to Coronado Bible Church, Panama. Contributors to this fund will receive a yearly giving statement for tax purposes from Christ Community Church.
To give a contribution, please click on the Engage logo or name. You can give a one time gift as a guest or sign up for an account. Donations can be given using your debit card, check card, credit card or electronic funds transfer. Please choose ‘Missions Donations’ and then ‘Panama Support’ in the list of areas to donate.
Thank you for supporting the ministry of Coronado Bible Church and for your faithfulness to the Lord.
(Engage is a secure online giving site for U.S. non-profits.)
Please note:
Any donations or gifts received in the USA through Christ Community Church, Zion, Illinois are eligible for US tax deduction. Since Coronado Bible Church, Coronado, Panama is a Panama entity, CBC can NOT give a receipt to be used as a US tax deduction; only those gifts received through Engage
HELPS – click into the Engage website first. (Click on hyperlink.)