Spiritual Ear Training


Today’s pastors corner was written by speaking into a computer program. I tried this years ago but the programs were a bit glitchy. The one I used originally could learn your speech patterns. For instance, I might say my name and it would type “John was already” instead of “Jon Wiziarde.” You could stop, say “spell that” and then spell out the word. The next time you used that word, there was a much better probability that the computer would understand correctly. The more you used the program, the better the accuracy.
That was probably 10 years ago and things have advanced greatly. This entire Pastor’s Corner was dictated on the internet using Google Docs and it’s doing amazingly well. Sitting alone in my office talking to my computer is a bit strange, but I guess some people do it all the time. Hey, this is the closest I have come to having a personal secretary. Now if I could just get my computer to make coffee. 🙂  Okay that’s just weird, I said “smiley face,” and it knew what I meant.
Before I get too weirded out about the technology, let me get to the point. People seem incredibly hungry these days to hear from God. Many are talking about prophecies, visions and dreams. I don’t want to discount these. I believe that God still speaks through his Holy Spirit to his people. Two things do alarm me:
  1. Much of what I hear reported as prophetic conflicts with God’s written word and
  2. Increasing numbers of people hold private revelations in higher regard than God’s written revelation.
Even if we’re not talking about prophecies or visions, when we seek God’s guidance, how can we know his voice?  We need someone to train and correct our spirits, until we hear accurately … until we can discern the voice of God as opposed to the voice of our desires … or worse influences. There are only two ways to accomplish this:
  1. Systematic and repeated exposure to God’s written Word, followed by,
  2. Active obedience to God’s Word.


If you’re not doing those regularly … don’t expect to “hear” from God (Romans 12:2). The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the God we know. He inspired the Bible that you possess and he will not contradict himself. 2 Peter 1:19-21