Thankful for:


  • Who loved me when I was His enemy.
  • Who sacrificed His only Son for my pardon.
  • Who daily shows me new depths of mercy and grace.
  • Who has saved my life and physically healed me multiple times.
  • Who created me in a beautiful world and gave me the capacity to enjoy it.
  • Who has always taken care of our needs and blessed us with more than we deserve.
  • Who has taken everything bad and hard in my life and worked it out for my good and his glory.
  • Who gave me the immense and undeserved privilege of serving Him with my life.
  • Who not only saved me but secured for me an everlasting hope and future.



  • who has shared and never ridiculed me for my faith. Not every man has that … not even every pastor.
  • who has walked shoulder to shoulder with me through 28 years of marriage and 24 years of ministry.
  • who has helped me understand my gifts and potential and inspired me to be a better man.
  • who has constantly surprised me with her generosity toward others and her willingness to sacrifice for the ministry.
  • who has never given me the slightest reason to question her love and faithfulness.
  • who promised to never use the word divorce in our relationship … and has kept that promise.
  • who makes me laugh every day and still laughs at my corny sense of humor.



  • who have shown a great desire to hear and understand God’s Word.
  • who have welcomed and loved Sue and me with all our imperfections.
  • who have interacted with me as a friend and not just a preacher.
  • who have fought the good fight for unity and mutual love within the Body.
  • who have bettered the reputation of CBC in the wider community.
  • who have given generously to support the ongoing work of God in Coronado.
  • who have encouraged and challenged me to be a better pastor.


Wishing you all a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving
… every day of the year!