Undercover Boss


Undercover Boss: Undercover BossHave you see the show? A CEO goes undercover in really bad makeup. He or she pretends to be a newbie employee at their own company. Invariably they meet employees from these basic molds:
  – One who is performing well above their pay-grade.
  – One who is getting by, but struggling with some huge personal tragedy.
  – One who just isn’t a good representative of the company’s values.
  – One who has totally lost sight of the privilege of being employed.

The climax of the show comes when the boss reveals his or her true identity to the employees they had worked alongside. The excellent employees are usually a bit surprised at the boss’ praise and generosity. The burdened employee is relieved and encouraged. The poorest performing employees seldom own up to their bad attitudes and habits.

Can you imagine if Jesus appeared on Undercover Boss? Or maybe it would be called Undercover LORD. We call him “LORD” in our songs and prayers, but it’s easy to forget what that title implies. Here are some synonyms: Master, Ruler, Sovereign, Potentate, Monarch, King.

Is that the position He holds in your life? Are you a good representative of His Kingdom and its values? Have you ever embraced the privilege of being His servant? Jesus cares about the burdens you bear … and He notes those who serve Him faithfully. There is a moment of revelation coming. Read the preview in Matthew 25:31-46. It starts,

When the Son of Man comes in His glory, and all the angels with Him, He will sit on His glorious throne …